Why choose us?

Quite simply, we’ve spent the past 13 years building a call center service company around three principles:

  1. Call agents with a high degree of emotional intelligence understand how to deliver great experiences
  2. Our continued livelihood is dependent on making great interactions with your customers – great customer experience (CX) is not new to us – it’s an essential part of how we operate
  3. Diversity and inclusion is not just about being socially responsible (CSR) rather, it’s an essential ingredient to hiring outstanding call agents committed to Direct Interactions and it’s clients
  4. Delivering great experiences with a diverse group of emotionally intelligent agents translates into a great return for your call center investment – ROI
collage of former DI QA Analyst, Kent McDaniel

Supported Employment & Service Providers: How We Do It

King County is a true advocate of supported employment. They pay service providers to provide job services to participating companies that dedicate a percentage of their workforce to hiring and retaining people with disabilities.

Thanks to the people of King County and Washington State, politicians have made supported employment a high priority, and the area is considered one of the best for people with disabilities who are seeking gainful employment.

A Service Provider Assists With:

  • Skill assessment
  • Advice on rehabilitation and rejoining the workforce
  • Job assistance
  • Job training
  • Resolving employment-related problems
  • Job retainment and promotions

Service Providers We Work With:

PROVAIL – Formerly known as the United Cerebral Palsy of King County, PROVAIL is a nonprofit service provider based in Seattle, WA that assists people with developmental disabilities. Currently, there are eight clients who work with us. We are proud to donate to their annual luncheon held in downtown Seattle and actively participate in their yearly golf tournament and auction.

AtWork! – Based in Bellevue, WA, AtWork! is a service provider that assists people with disabilities. Similar to PROVAIL, they assist people who have developmental disabilities. Currently, there are four clients who work with us. We were honored to win their 2014 Employer of the Year award.

Neurological Vocational Services (NVS) – Also based in Seattle, WA, NVS is a service provider that assists people with disabilities who suffer from neurological conditions such as stroke, epilepsy and damage to the central nervous system. Currently, four NVS clients work with us. We are a proud recipient of two NVS Employer of the Year awards (2010, 2014).

† We believe in socially responsible business practices, and urge other counties to move towards supported employment. We encourage employers to work with service providers and help people with disabilities find meaningful employment opportunities.

PROVAIL 16th Annual Golf Classic Event